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Faith in a Better Future

The uncertainty of the business environment is growing due to the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the unprecedented intensification, and the aging of the population.

With such unprecedented changes taking place, HDC Holdings is aiming to wield its experience in and knowledge of various business areas to provide professional management consulting and create new value investment opportunities through convergence businesses at the group level.

HDC Holdings is making mid-term to long-term investments in enterprises and businesses in many fields, such as finance, investment, real estate development, SOC, technology, advanced materials, culture and contents.

In addition, it is leveraging its management expertise and trust of HDC Group to secure networks in diverse industries and provide total solutions for sustainable growth.

Amid all the waves of change, HDC Holdings will make a more affluent life and a better tomorrow with the customer, creating original values based on its firm belief in innovation and perseverance, and its developer DNA at its core, which it has had since its foundation.

HDC Holdings chairman