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HDC Hyundai Development Company Expands Its Safety Inspections to Win Clients’ Trust

- Site safety inspections to be implemented on complexes under 10 years old to win back the clients’ trust
- To be enforced on 73 complexes of 66,000 households between April and the end of December
- Aiming to raise the level of safety and quality centered around its CSO organization to the best in the industry and expedite safety innovation management

HDC Hyundai Development Company (CEO Choi Ik-Hoon) is executing special safety inspections on completed IPARK complexes as part of great efforts to win back the trust of the clients.

HDC Hyundai Development Company is currently implementing, special safety inspections on IPARK complexes in collaboration with the Korean Structural Engineers Association. The targets of such special safety inspections are 73 complexes with a total of 66,000 households which were completed less than 10 years ago, and starting with Seocho Central IPARK and Byeongjeom Station IPARK Castle, the inspections are in progress from April 1st according to the complexes’ situations and respective consultations. As a precursor to that, HDC Hyundai Development Company had dispelled the anxiety harbored by its clients through its lightning-speed and detail-oriented safety inspections on the construction areas of Gangnam Central IPARK, Gwangju Gyerim IPARK SK VIEW, and Hongeun Area 13 Redevelopment Site.  



To relieve even the most basic anxiety in its clients, HDC Hyundai Development Company commissioned the Korean Structural Engineers Association, a professional team of experts in the building construction industry with the highest level of technology and public trust. Accordingly, this special safety inspection will be attended by the reviewers and consultants of the Korean Structural Engineers Association, and for the special safety inspection, responsible engineers and technicians per field will participate. After the inspection, the results and overall analyses will be described in comprehensive reports reflecting safety grade calculations, repair & reinforcement methods, and maintenance control method proposals. HDC Hyundai Development Company and the Korean Structural Engineers Association plan to conclude the inspections by the end of this year with a total target of 73 complexes.

CSO Jung Ik-Hee declared, “We will make excruciating efforts to ensure that IPARK is the safest residence again by working together. In addition to special safety inspections, our safety and environment system will be enhanced to regain our clients’ trust.”

HDC Hyundai Development Company is concentrating its capacity as an enterprise on reforming safety and quality. CSO Jung Ik-Hee, who was newly appointed in February, continues to work on bringing forth real change in quality enhancement by hosting a rearmament resolution conference shortly after taking his position to raise awareness for safety management and achieve actual changes. As his first task, the newly appointed CEO Choi Ik-Hoon also went to the site safety inspections with the management team including the CSO.

Moreover, advancements are being made in the safety and health management system to improve the process. Within the first half of the year, a danger management program will be built for a data-based quantitative management system. Additionally, a CCTV integrated control center will be operated to strengthen the monitoring of high-risk work as part of HDC Hyundai Development Company’s ability to fully use its capacity as an enterprise to secure the quality and safety for restoring its clients’ trust.